At Electrician U

we train electricians

Whether you’re a studying electrician, a growing business, or a full educational institution – we’ve got a curriculum you can use to enhance learning and teaching.

Self-Paced Learning


As electricians ourselves, it is our mission is to provide quality video lessons that help electricians improve their skills and advance their careers. We offer a variety of self-paced videos and courses that are designed to be engaging and easy to follow.

Training Modules


Many contractors cannot afford to send their techs to school or have too large of a workforce that they can’t train in one central location. Our curriculum can integrate into your business so you can chooose what your techs need to know, whenever you want them to know it. Whether you have your own LMS or want to use ours, we’ve got you covered.

Institutional Resources

For Schools

For high schools, trade schools, and colleges we have a full 4-year learning system which can integrate into your program. Our system is based on our own textbook, Mastering Electricity, which comes with lesson plans, powerpoints, handouts, worksheets, exams, quiz questions, and a library of video content you can use to teach with. If you have your own LMS our content can integrate into it as well.