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Skill can only get you so far. You need knowledge to add to your field skill if you want to be truly outstanding. We have a learning system that teaches every side of this trade to give you an edge.


The highest-paid, most sought-after electricians in the industry are the ones who have a plethora of experience, and passion for their craft and are constantly seeking out new knowledge.

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How It Works

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Browse through hundreds of videos on any topic in the trade and learn as you watch.

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Earn points and badges as you learn, take quizzes, and complete lessons.

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Our 9 Pillar System

What's inside

Our goal is to take great electricians and make them the best electricians in the industry. We believe there are 9 pillars of knowledge and skill that a person must possess to be a truly great electrician. Our content library is packed with content that falls into these 9 categories: 

Learn how to wire rooms and environments such as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and equipment.
Watch videos on how to install devices and equipment, hook up transformers, install breakers, EV chargers, UPS, generators and much more.
Electricians constantly come across problems with electrical systems. Understanding how to troubleshoot will make you an outstanding electrician.
Learn about electrical theory, from the basics of atoms and charges, to more advanced understandings of dirty power and harmonics.
See how codes apply to real-world scenarios and study code as it is meant to be studied, practically, on the job, as situations arise.
Learn about the dangers associated with working with electricity, live circuits, and how to protect yourself from hazards while on the job.
Find out what types of tools are used to do electrical work. Dive into videos about how and when to use them so you're prepared for field work.
Discover all of the various materials electricians use to install wiring systems. Find out how to use them together, and watch them be installed.
Discover techniques for managing people and jobs as you climb the ranks. Learn how to run jobs and deal with people effectively.

Sneak Peek

Our content library has hundreds of videos that teach every aspect of the electrical trade. This library is updated constantly with fresh content so as the library grows there are always new things to learn and teach. Below are some examples of content from our library:

How to wire Three-Way Switches

Watch a demonstration covering how to wire and install three-way switches

Standard Method Service Calculations

Practice using code to calculate and size electrical services using the Standard Method.

Troubleshooting Receptacles

Learn how to diagnose problems with receptacles, and narrow down problems with plug-circuits quickly.

Using Ohm's Law in the Field

Learn how to use Ohm’s Law, but from the perspective of utilizing it in the field.

Voltage Drop Calculations

Practice doing Voltage Drop calculations in DC, Single-Phase AC, and Three-Phase AC applications.

Electric Charges and Electric Fields

Dive into modern electrical theory, using the Quantum Mechanical understanding of the atom, to discover how electric charges and fields work.

A Library that Continually Grows

Perhaps the best part of our learning system is that we continue to add more content and lessons to it over time. Each month there are new videos added, and we look to our members for suggestions on new content. Looking for a video you don’t see? Suggest it to us by submitting a Feedback Form.

School doesn't have to be expensive


For those who either can’t afford to, or don’t want to attend a full vocational school – we have the same education for a fraction of the cost. And the best part, it’s self-paced, so you can learn whenever you want, for as long as you’d like.

Standard Plan
  • Electrical Theory Videos
  • Electrical Code Videos
  • Code Update Videos
  • Electrical Safety Videos
  • Troubleshooting Videos
  • Install Videos
  • Wiring Videos
  • Leadership Videos
  • Tool Videos
  • Material Videos
  • Residential Wireman Practice Exam
  • Journeyman Practice Exam
  • Master Practice Exam
  • 300-Question Code Cannon


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The library contains a vast array of content, including hundreds of video tutorials on various topics such as installation methods, troubleshooting, safety, code, theory, and more​​. Some examples are:

  • What is electricity?
  • AC Theory
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • Ohm’s Law Calculations
  • Conductor Sizing
  • Conduit Fill
  • Voltage Drop
  • Box Fill
  • Service Calculations
  • How to Use a Multimeter
  • Securing and Strappinig NM Cable (Romex)
  • Troubleshooting Receptacles
  • How to Tell if a Breaker is Bad
  • How to Install a Surge Protector
  • How to Wire a Panel
  • Where to Install AFCI, GFCI, and DF Breakers
  • Grounding and Bonding at Services
  • And much, much more

Yes, the learning system is designed for accessibility on various devices, including desktop computers, mobile phones, and tablets​.

No, however this system is designed to be taken by people in the electrical field as it supports their field experience. If you’re not an electrician or are not enrolled in an apprenticeship program you’re welcome to join however you may find it difficult to understand materials and methods of wiring without actual hands-on experience.

Most of our videos are around 5-10 minutes in length, however there are some topics which are split up into several smaller videos which take anywhere up to an hour to complete. Our system saves your progress so if you ever need to stop watching, you’ll be able to pick back up right where you left off.

This is a completely self-paced system. There are no classes, or scheduled times for any of the content. We realize you work in the field and will want to learn on your own time.

No, this learning system is for extracurricular learning. However we are approved in nearly every state that requires state-mandated continuing education so if you’re looking for continuing education credits check out our CE page for CEU’s in your state:

We add new content monthly so the content library is continuously expanding. We also update our code content as well as provide code update videos with every new code cycle.

For those of you who are existing members of the Electrician U membership we’re grandfathering you in at your existing price. There will not be a price increase for you to move over from the membership to the new learning system. It’s the same price, just more content.

We have both a dedicated Discord server and Facebook Group which are moderated and have tens of thousands of electricians in there teaching and asking questions daily. Feel free to  join our Discord group here and join our Facebook group here.