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Each level is packed with 9 layers of learning about a specific topic. Within each level you will be taught how-to, theory, code, safety, tools, materials, troubleshooting, leadership, and business. We see all of these as the primary tenets of “what makes a great electrician” so we packed each level with all of these topics.

How-To Videos

Watch videos on how to install materials, wire panels, switches, hook up transformers, install breakers, EV chargers, UPS and much more.


Learn about electrical theory, from the basics of atoms and charges, to more advanced understandings of dirty power and harmonics.


See how codes apply to real-world scenarios and study code as it is meant to be studied, practically, on the job, as situations arise.


Learn about the dangers associated with working with electricity, live circuits, and how to protect yourself from hazards while on the job.


Find out what types of tools are used to do electrical work. Dive into videos about how and when to use them so you’re prepared for field work.


Discover all of the various materials electricians use to install wiring systems. Find out how to use them together, and watch them be installed.


Electricians constantly come across problems with electrical systems. Understanding how to troubleshoot will make you an outstanding electrician.


Discover techniques for managing people and jobs as you climb the ranks. Learn how to run jobs and deal with people effectively.


Learn about the electrical contracting business, as well as your part in it, from an apprentice understanding all the way through master.


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Our membership is a monthly subscription-based service that provides access to educational content, courses, resources, and tools to help electricians learn and enhance their skills and knowledge. It includes video lessons, long-form self-paced courses, practice exams, Code practice, assessments, and monthly emailed lessons to support further learning.

The Electrician U Membership offers a dynamic learning experience with monthly content updates, ensuring a continually evolving platform. Some of the topics you can expect to find include electrical code, electrical theory, electrical safety, how-to guides, tool reviews and instructions, testing and troubleshooting techniques, motors, motor controls, transformers, calculations, wire sizing, code changes, and a wide array of other relevant subjects. The membership provides comprehensive coverage to support your electrical knowledge and skill development.

Our membership follows a flexible structure similar to that of a gym membership. You have the freedom to remain a member for as long as you desire, with no predetermined time limit. If you decide to cancel, you can do so at any time, offering you complete control and convenience over your membership duration.

The Electrician U Discord Server is a community of thousands of electricians who chat, share pictures, share videos, get help with code questions, compare work vans, talk electrical theory, share tool recommendations and much more. It serves as a dedicated channel for other members to connect, engage, and collaborate with one another. In the Discord channel, you can participate in discussions, ask questions, share experiences, and learn from a supportive community of like-minded professionals. It provides a valuable opportunity to network, seek advice, and gain insights from individuals who share a common passion for the electrical industry. The Electrician U Discord Server fosters a sense of camaraderie and offers an additional avenue for learning and growth within the Electrician U community.